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From Malaysia to Indonesia: Clawing his way through veterinary school success


From Malaysia to Indonesia: Clawing his way through veterinary school success

20 December 2023

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After obtaining his Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM), Sadashiva knew that he wanted to pursue veterinary medicine. However, the options were limited in local universities, and he was offered a different course in one of the public higher education institutions.

Not willing to give up on his dream, Sadashiva explored other opportunities abroad. One thing led to another, and he is now on track to graduate from IPB University (Institut Pertanian Bogor) Indonesia, with a degree in veterinary medicine.

“I had other options in mind, such as going to India. However, going to India would be a lot more expensive, and IPB University was the only university in Indonesia offering this particular programme in full English. So, I guess this is where fate has in mind for me, and it turns out to be a great decision.”


Living the suburban life

Being a KL-ite, Sadashiva grew up as a city boy. When the education agent that he engaged with told him that Bogor would be a kampung, he was a little nervous but excited for the new challenge.

“Jakarta city is around 1.5 hours away, and the nearest mall is like 30-minutes away.”

Sadashiva makes the most out of his time in Bogor. There are around 160 Malaysian students in the university, with 30-40 students in his batch alone. As most of them are pursuing the same course, naturally they will stick together and spend most of their time with one another.

“We have masak-masak night, game nights, movie nights – you name it!” Sadashiva chuckled.

As an outdoorsy person, Indonesia packs a lot of opportunities for Sadashiva to explore the nature of the country, from mountains to waterfalls. One of his fondest memories in Indonesia is hiking up Mount Merbabu, a dormant stratovolcano in Java.

“The view from Mount Merbabu is just scenic.”


Spreading the Malaysian love

When you talk to the locals, the first thing that most of them will ask you about is Upin Ipin. Some of them remember the script and dialogues from the series!” Sadashiva finds this fact both interesting and humorous – but accepts that it has become a norm and is proud of how big the acceptance is for a Malaysian-born production.

Through the Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar-Pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia (PKPMI), they try to do small little things to showcase the Malaysian culture to the locals. This includes, among other events, the Cultural Night, an elaborate social gathering designed to share various cultures and heritage. With the support of TalentCorp, the event gathered 123 participants, showcasing a variety of dance performances, singing performances, and, of course, Malaysian food like nasi lemak and curry.


Just go for it

Sadashiva’s advice to any Malaysian students considering pursuing their studies abroad is simple – just go for it.

“Being away from family and friends was hard, but it was the best thing for me. I got to learn so many things and was given the opportunity to explore new experiences. This includes making friends with people from different backgrounds and nationalities, surviving alone, and building discipline,” Sadashiva said as he thinks fondly of his five years in Indonesia so far.

Looking ahead, Sadashiva is interested in pursuing a career related to wild and large animals. His main goal is to work with the government. But, for now, he is looking to explore other opportunities to sharpen his skills and gain more experience, perhaps by working in a zoo or a farm.

His experience in PKPMI has allowed him to connect with many people – including the Menteri Besar and other influential people, allowing him to hone his networking skills. Sadashiva is excited to explore and use the MyHeart platform to connect with other Malaysians in similar fields who can help him carve out his future career pathway.

“When we study or live abroad, we can feel like we are strangers in a different country. The MyHeart platform provides a support system for us students abroad to feel more at home, and to know that we can always ask for help and advice whenever we need it.”

If you are studying abroad like Sadashiva, sign up on MyHeart now to expand your network and explore potential opportunities for your future career.