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From Malaysia to the USA: Navigating Motherhood While Striving for Balance


From Malaysia to the USA: Navigating Motherhood While Striving for Balance

10 May 2024

From Malaysia to the USA: Navigating Motherhood While Striving for Balance

“Being a mother is a wonderful journey for me”, shares Mida, a full-time stay-at-home Malaysian mum based in Missouri, USA. This Penangite lived many different lives before finding her way halfway across the world five years ago, where she started a family.

Quite the globetrotter, Mida is well-travelled, having been to 25 countries during her youth. She was also a System Engineer in the IT industry who was driven, ambitious and committed but also had personal goals that kept her grounded. “I paid off my car loan, my student loans, so I’m happy with what I was doing back then” she shares.

After years of chasing her dreams in corporate, it came to a breaking point when she experienced burnout. Not long after that, Mida left her job, got married to her American husband and uprooted her life in Malaysia to embark on a new adventure on the other side of the world.


The roller coaster of motherhood

It was during the pandemic when she welcomed her firstborn, “He was an easy baby until now”, she said. While admittedly rewarding, this journey came with a multitude of challenges that Mida could not have anticipated. Two years later, she was blessed with another son who, not long after his birth, was diagnosed with a health condition.

Two months of sleepless nights and unending anxiety caring for her son through medical procedures took a toll on her health. “It’s a very tough journey for me because since the second one was born, I think I’ve been through like a depression phase”, she recalls. During a health check-up, her doctor noticed some early signs of postpartum depression. It was a wake-up call for realising that she needed to make changes before the situation escalated further.

Lifestyle and mindset changes made a world of difference. She was committed to putting herself first and finding time to practice self-care. Mida found solitude in having morning walks and working out at her home mini gym.


Having a support system

When asked how she kept her spirits high through challenging times despite being away from family, her immediate response was, “Thank you for asking me this question, I feel like someone heard me”.

“I usually video call with my mum; she’s old now, and my dad has passed”, she added. She also stays connected with friends back home through WhatsApp groups. Mida mentioned that, at times, she used to wish she was back home during her confinement days. After giving birth, Mida tried to follow the traditional Malay postnatal care on her own. The traditional confinement practices tend to be elaborate, so she improvised and tailored them to make them more manageable. “My husband mana la reti masak sup ayam melayu or ikan goreng Melayu” she laughs.

Early on in her move to the States, she joined different Malaysian groups on Facebook. However, due to her circumstances, she did not have the chance to foster a close bond with them.

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In Foreign Parts

In Foreign Parts

Mida started blogging when she moved to the States, with the intention of sharing her travel adventures, passion for fashion, and inspire her readers. Some of her blog entries were written in Malay as she wanted to ensure her mum, who does not understand English, could read her stories.

Many may be able to relate, but there’s nothing quite like expressing your feelings in your mother tongue language. “I want to rant or write in Malay too sometimes. It’s just more expressive”. She adds that she also speaks Malay to her kids, emphasising the importance of them learning it alongside English.

On an exciting note, Mida has started creating content again on YouTube where she vlogs her days, sharing a glimpse of her life in Missouri. Moving forward, Mida is keen to see Malaysian content creators on MyHeart share their craft and speak about their tips and tricks in making videos.

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