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Giving a voice to Malaysians and Singaporeans in the Land Down Under


Giving a voice to Malaysians and Singaporeans in the Land Down Under

12 December 2023

Giving a voice to Malaysians and Singaporeans in the Land Down Under

The Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association Inc. (AMSA) was established in 1970 to give a voice and provide a trusted community network for people with Malaysian or Singaporean heritage living in Australia. As a volunteer-run not-for-profit incorporated association, AMSA serves the interest and welfare of their members and community.


Connecting Malaysians over food and events

Staying true to their Malaysian heritage, AMSA organises activities such as “Jom Makan” and “Makan Fest” to bring their members together and cultivate a strong sense of community. It’s a well-known fact that food is one of the most effective ways to connect people, and there’s no better way to unite members than by sharing comforting dishes that transcend generations and borders.

Like many other volunteer-run associations, AMSA faces constraints when it comes to both time and finances. However, they do not let these limitations impede their work. Instead, they concentrate on implementing effective strategies within their team to overcome budgetary challenges.


Providing support and assistance to Malaysians

AMSA is committed to fostering collaborations with the Malaysian government and other organisations to provide support to Malaysians living abroad.

For instance, prior to the introduction of online passport renewals in 2022, Malaysians in Australia faced significant challenges in securing appointments and travelling to Melbourne for passport renewals. To address this issue, AMSA partnered with the Malaysian Department of Immigration to establish a mobile office in Brisbane. Through this mobile office, they facilitated the collection of applications and renewals from Malaysians in the area.

Additionally, AMSA leverages social media as a platform to connect with potential new members. They offer guidance to these individuals by directing them to the appropriate organisations for information and assistance. Furthermore, AMSA actively collaborates with TalentCorp in engaging with the Malaysian diaspora in Australia through various local engagement sessions.


Creating a national network of Malaysians and Singaporeans in Australia

AMSA’s long-term vision is to establish a national network of Malaysian Singaporean businesses and communities throughout Australia. The aim is to provide members with the ease of moving seamlessly from one city to another, knowing that a reliable and trusted community network exists to support them in their journey.

As part of this commitment, AMSA actively engages in consultations with key stakeholders. Most recently, AMSA was consulted by the Australian Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs on the development of a multicultural framework, underscoring their dedication to fostering a diverse and open community within the country.

AMSA believes that a bottom-up approach, driven by community initiatives, bolstered by genuine government support and strengthened through partnerships with businesses, is the most effective way to create a resilient and enduring community network. Such a network benefits not only its members but the broader community as well. 

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